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  • I'm new to RTF Training, where do I start?  For a complete overview of the RTF training process, visit       
  • What Courses Do I Need to Take to Get Ready for my Live Issue-Focused Training Seminar? Hope Healing and Freedom Online Seminar and the Issue-Focused Observation Course are the two courses that you need to complete and pass prior to attending you live Issue-Focused Training Seminar.  If you have attended a live Hope Healing and Freedom seminar in your local church or region then you don't have to retake the online version, but you still must complete the Issue-Focused Observation Course.
  • What online courses will I need to take in order to get ready for my life Thorough Format Training?  In addition to completing both of the Issue-Focused courses as well as the Live Issue-Focused training, trainees wishing to prepare for their live Thorough Format Training must complete the following courses: Essential Ministry Training, Welcome to Advanced Ministry Training, and Advanced Ministry Training 1-4.  Trainees must also complete and submit a Thorough Format Training Application prior to being given access to the final online training course, the Through Format Observation Video Course. For more information on the Thorough Format Training Process, visit:
  • What is the best browser to use with the Online Training Center?  We strongly recommend using either Chrome or Firefox when accessing and taking courses on this site. Safari, due to numerous compatibility issues is not recommended for use with the Online Training Center.
  • Can I use my tablet to access and take courses in the Online Training Center? Yes you can, but again we recommend you download and use either Chrome or Firefox browser with this site.
  • Can I use my phone to access and take courses in the Online Training Center? Yes, but you may find the experience a little harder to manage than on your computer or tablet. Again, we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox as your browser for accessing this site.
  • Can I do all my RTF Training Online? No, all RTF training requires you to complete both online course and live in person training. Our online courses are designed to prepare you for your live training steps. For more information on the RTF Training process, visit:
  • Can I share this course with my spouse or with a friend? Our online training courses are designed for individual use and study. Trainees that share online courses wont receive credit for taking the course nor will they be allowed to finish their Live RTF Training.
  • I can't stream video over the internet, is there a way for me to get a dvd of these videos? No unfortunately our online training videos are only available online. If you can't stream video, you can't take these course.
  • If I own a copy of Essential Teachings, do I still have to take Essential Ministry Training? Yes, even if you own a copy of our retired product, Essential Teachings, you'll still have to take Essential Ministry Training online in order to train past the Issue-Focused Level

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