Advanced Ministry Training

Advanced Ministry Training is a collection of 24 lessons divided evenly across four courses. This power-packed training series will further develop your understanding of the entire ministry process while building upon the skills you developed during your Issue-Focused and Essential Ministry Training.


Welcome To Advanced Ministry Training

The Welcome To Advanced Ministry Training and Advanced Ministry Training courses are only available to those who have applied and been approved for either the Thorough Format or Advanced Issue-Focused ministry training paths.

Your Advanced Ministry Training Begins with the 3 hour Welcome to Advanced Ministry Training orientation course. This course starts with a verification of your Issue-Focused Minister Registration status and is followed by a powerful message that will jump start your Advanced Ministry Training.

Once you finish this course, and we've finished verifying your IFM Registration, you'll be sent information on how to access and purchase  the rest of our Advanced Ministry Training Courses.

During the course of your Advance Ministry Training, you'll have access to more than 36 hours of in-depth training from a diverse group of experienced RTF Trainers, RTF Ministers, and Guest Speakers.

Advanced Ministry Training was created for RTF Ministers who desire to grow in their knowledge of the Integrated Approach and to improve their effectiveness in the ministry room.


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